Simple, Clear Solutions for Difficult Times

Counseling can be helpful for handling short term challenges or for changing long-standing destructive patterns of behavior ...

Key Benefits

  • Have a life which you can more fully enjoy and appreciate
  • Become the sort of person you want to be
  • More deeply enjoy your important relationships
  • Family emphasis
    Our philosophy of change and healing involves other family members whenever possible. Your family is an important influence in your life, and sometimes it is very difficult to change without their support.
    Addiction specialists
    Behavior like drug and alcohol misuse, gambling, compulsive use of pornography, and overeating can devastate one life or many lives. Clarity Counseling P.C. is a licensed alcohol and drug treatment center for the state of Colorado, and our addiction specialist is also licensed in New Mexico for alcohol and drug counseling.
    Trauma treatment for every age
    Unfortunately, bad things do happen to good people, and untreated trauma can continue to affect lives long after the trauma itself is over. This is especially true for children, who suffer lifelong effects without treatment. Post-traumatic stress is treatable, and freedom from it's devastating symptoms is possible. Please get help for you or your loved one...