Simple, Clear Solutions for Difficult Times

I do not exclusively use one approach with every client.  The methods used are matched uniquely to the needs and interests of each client, drawing from approaches such as these:

- Eclectic (blending several approaches)
- Cognitive-behavioral 
- Brief solution-focused 
- Assisted 12-step 
- Coaching with self-help resources, especially online resources
- Evidence based practices specific to certain diagnoses
- Collaboration team work with Primary Care and other Medical Professionals
- Mindfulness

- Insight oriented
- Acceptance training
- Emotional Education
- Systems theory 
- Visualization 
- Hakomi (Body-Centered Psychotherapy)*

* I know this sounds a bit woo-woo, but is very gentle and powerful for getting past the "busyness" of our everyday mind chatter. You mindfully utilize your body's resources as a healing system.  Hakomi therapy is done within the principles of Mindfulness, Non-violence, Mind-Body integration, Unity, and Organicity.  For more information go to the Hakomi Institute, with whom I completed a two-year professional training for this method.  One the Institute's favorite image is of a heron, standing in the water.  Often, when I explain the method, I call it "going fishing" inside of yourself.