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Evaluation Services

Key Benefits

  • Flexible - Ms. Hudgins has designed her practice to accommodate travel for on-site collaboration as needed.

  • Available - Ms. Hudgins leverages technology to be accessible when crises develop –voice and video conferencing available as needed.

  • Affordable - $80 per hour for evaluation time. Travel is $40 per hour plus expenses.


Technical qualifications

Her familiarity with a variety of widely recognized and alternative measurement instruments is valuable to help agencies and communities select appropriate and practical evaluation tools.

She is comfortable with a variety of quantitative and qualitative evaluation techniques in order to allow flexibility in evaluation planning. She is confident with many computer software programs, and at ease with spreadsheets and databases. She leverages digital media equipment for qualitative data including photography, video and simple graphics to enhance presentation of results.

Real-life experience

Donna Sue Hudgins has background and experience in conducting evaluations of school- and community-based substance abuse prevention & treatment programs. She has over a decade of clinical experience in substance abuse treatment and significant practical experience in managing prevention programs in a rural community.

She is respectful of diversity in program goals, local values and culture in schools and communities. Ms. Hudgins has developed a deep knowledge about rural values and the cultural richness found in her own community’s significant Native American and Hispanic populations.

Relevant skills

Donna Sue's clinical experience and down-to-earth manner help in explaining evaluation principles and plans to program staff and volunteers. She is equally comfortable discussing theory, methodology and findings in credible, clear language to the academic community, program funding sources, and to the interested community stakeholders.

Recent work on a 2nd graduate degree focuses on Addiction Psychology. Her studies demonstrate her commitment to staying current with and contributing to current theories of substance abuse.